General - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the products available on the website be the same as those in store?

Yes. Everything that is available online will be available for purchase in the store.

Can I purchase from anywhere in the world?

At this time no. While anyone, anywhere can view and interact with the new website; only those within the ashley delivery zones can place orders via the website. Using location technology, you will be advised at the outset whether you are able to purchase products from Ashley via the website.

What is a wish list?

The wish list allows you to save your favourite products all in one convenient place. From there, you can quickly and easily find the items again, share the list with family and friends, move items into your shopping cart. If you are working with a sales professional member at one of our stores, you can use the wish list to show them the items you have selected and they will work with you to convert your wishes into a purchase.

The wish list is also a great tool to use with your sales professional member in-store. If you are not quite ready to purchase we can create a wish list on your behalf so that they have record of the items they discussed with you so they can purchase online or in-store at a later date.

What is the difference between the wish list and shopping cart?

The wish list is where you can save products you like or to share with others. You simply place those items in the shopping cart when you are ready to proceed with the purchase process. You can create multiple wish lists at the same time to help organize products for different rooms in your home or for a variety of reasons. To make it easy to translate a like into a purchase, you can also transfer items directly from their wish list to their shopping cart.

What happens if I purchase online and want to cancel?

The same policies and procedures that exist in-store purchase apply to any online purchase; you can read more about our policies at terms and conditions of sale. Our customer service team is happy to help, contact us at 1.800.737.3233 or email us at

What is the process to book delivery or pick-up my order?

When you purchase online, our customer service team will contact you when their product is available to book delivery

Can I purchase a custom order item online?

With the complexity of custom orders, we have many options to choose from and are not offering this service online at this time. You are invited to speak with a sales professional at one of locations to complete your order; find a store now!

What credit card can I use to pay for my purchase and are there be financing options?

You can use all major credits cards such as Visa, Master Card and American Express…..the same as in store. As you can in store, the financing application is available online through fairstone financial.

How do I purchase a protection plan?

Once you enter the check-out process, the option to purchase the appropriate warranty is presented so that you can choose the type and level of warranty you require….or decline that option altogether. Once you have completed your purchase you will be provided with a receipt.

How will I receive the furniture care packages that comes with the purchase of an Extend protection plan?

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email providing you with a coupon for your furniture care package. This coupon can be redeemed at any Ashley store you choose.

Once I place my order how will I get an order confirmation or receipt?

Upon completion and approval of your order you will receive via email, a confirmation of your order and the payment option(s) chosen.

How can online customers ask questions?

If you have questions about our customer service or need assistance, please contact us at or at 1.800.737.3233. If you wish to speak with a sales professional member, please find a store and we'd be happy to help!

If I register to become an Ashley Insider what types of communications will I receive?

We will strive to ensure that guests will receive only the communications they would like to see. We are able to cater to our customers desires for communications and improve the level of personalization to create meaningful connections and relationships. We also offer the opportunity for guests to refuse or opt out of communications at any time.

Why does the website not display correctly on my computer?

Some browsers, particularly earlier versions, either do not or only partially support this technology and they might not display the text and graphics properly. However, we have tested this website against google chrome; where the text and content should be accessible and usable for all of our visitors.