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Signs of Genuine Leather: Showroom Conditions

Brand Marks

Found on virtually every hide, a brand mark varies from a letter or a number to a shape or image, and are usually one of the largest natural markings.

If brand marks are smooth and add to the character of the leather, they will be placed on the sides or outside backs of leather furniture.


A cow’s blood vessels appear as irregular, marble like veins on a hide. Usually more visible in the neck and across the backbone, veins are often more prominent in older cows, and can also reflect the cow’s climate. You will find these in any position on leather furniture.

Given that veins are closer to the underside of the cow’s hide, they appear most commonly in split leather.


While deep and unhealed scars are cut out of the hide, thin surface scratches are part of the natural characteristic of leather. Healed scars are as strong as the rest of the hide. Healed scratches and scars can appear in any position on leather furniture.

Wrinkles, Stretch Marks & Creases

Wrinkles occur naturally wherever loose skin is located on the hide. They are typically found in the neck and shoulder, and can be common in belly areas. Wrinkles and stretch marks are typically places on the sides and back of leather furniture. Mild creases may appear anywhere on the piece.



Bites and Pin Holes

Mosquitos, ticks, flies, and parasites all take their pound of cow flesh, leaving behind small circular marks or tiny holes on a cow’s hide. Bites are a common occurrence on hides and leather furniture, but mostly innocuous and typically small. Bites and pin holes can appear anywhere on leather furniture.


Leather Characteristrics


Leather is a natural skin, even when upholstered on furniture.

Limited Elasticity

It has limited elasticity and will soften and relax with use. All leathers will stretch and in most cases they will not return to their original shape.


The elasticity / stretch of the leather is not a defect, this is the natural characteristics of leather. This does not affect the wear of the leather but it does increase the comfort!



Do natural markings weaken leather?

Not in the least. Natural markings won’t reduce the strength or performance of leather if skin damaged is fully healed.

Where are natural markings found on leather product?

The front of upholstered furniture is typically kept more uniform, with just small subtle markings. But the back, sides, and under cushion areas offer opportunity to include more unique markings.


Can the colour of leather affect how visible marking are?

Yes, dark colours tend to show fewer natural markings. Light colours bring them out.



Are markings found on every piece of leather furniture?

There are markings on every piece of leather that is used on upholstered furniture. Natural, full rain leather will show multiple markings while corrected grain leather will be a bit harder to see.


Does a lot of markings mean it’s a cheaper hide?

Quite the opposite actually. Few natural marking are found on low-cost leathers.



I don’t want natural markings on my leather, but want quality leather.

All top grain leathers offer good quality, but the best quality for each person is what’s best suited to their lifestyle and preference.




Natural Imperfections of Wood

Modern technology has improved much in the way furniture is produced. The one thing modern technology hasn't improved is wood. But then again, what's to improve?

For hundreds of years, the pure beauty of wood furniture has made for treasured family heirlooms. Although beautiful, it is far from perfect.

Remember, wood materials were once trees; breathing organisms that worked to survive. Every warp, knot, worm hole, unusual grain pattern or mineral streak is a testament to a tree’s life and the years it lived through. Each piece is as individual as a fingerprint and will take the stain slightly
different, even two boards from the same tree. This in inherent to wood and is not a defect.

Manufacturers strive to obtain a particular look to incorporate wood's imperfections and other slight irregularities into the finished product, especially casual styles like country and colonial. If such production flaws are objectionable, then perhaps the guest should be looking at something more formal.

Wood will have gaps in the centre of leaf tables or at the ends where half tops and filler leaves meet.

Solid wood will expand and contract due to humidity conditions in the home. The extent of the gapping will vary as humidity conditions change. Expansion and contraction cause these gaps and is a natural characteristic of solid wood.

Not every piece of furniture will have patches or streaks, but that doesn’t make it better or worse than parts that do. The patches do not affect the integrity or quality of the wood, just how it looks. This wood still stands up to our high quality standards and is completely unique.