Bed Accessories - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it getting a bed frame?

Bed frames provide stability to box springs, so they won't damage and scratch your floors. Additionally, bed frames stop the mattress from sliding around while you sleep and provide mattress support to prevent it from sagging. Bed frames are definitely worth getting and will save you money over time.

Does Ashley have a headboard that has a USB port?

For additional functionality, the Doringson King is a storage headboard that comes with the convenience of having a USB charging port for your phones and gadgets. (

Do you need a base under mattress?

Mattress bases are essential to prevent the mattress from wear and help increase its longevity. It is also helpful to distribute weight and provide stability and back support for the sleeper. Additionally, mattress bases help prevent the mattress from moving while you sleep by adding non-slip mattress pads, Velcro tape, or railings.