Do you love a laid back look that embraces the old and new? Vintage industrial style mixes metals, rustic woods and unique shapes for a bold statement!

A Little History Lesson

The look of vintage industrial is a throwback to the Industrial Revolution, a period in society that moved away from the handcrafted and relied heavily on machines in the manufacturing process. With a no-frills or fuss approach, old factories and warehouses hold all the rustic inspiration!

All Things Tin

Galvanized to perfection, you’ll love how metal accents add vintage industrial charm to your space! Plus, metals mesh with ANY colour palette!


Rustic Wood

Incorporate wood pieces that embrace the old times, while celebrating detailed craftsmanship! The more rugged and distressed in appearance, the better!


Mixed Materials

Never thought wood and metal would go together? Combining metals with raw textiles create interesting contrasts throughout a room! Take a few design risks and remember to have fun with it!


Unique Shapes & Forms

Go bold with accents pieces that showcase unique shapes and forms! It can be as simple as a table or floor lamp. Better yet, opt for Edison-style light bulbs for extra vintage flare!


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