Style Guide: Holiday Home Décor

style guide: holiday home décor

Who doesn't love the holidays?

You know, those few months of the year where you celebrate with friends and family, eat too much food, and wear your favourite ugly sweater? No one can deny that it's the best!

The only thing that could make this time of year even better is if you were able to make your home look like a festive wonderland. And the good news is, you can! With a few simple tricks and tips, you'll be able to decorate your home like a professional interior designer. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort.

Whether you're the type of person who likes to plan ahead and decorate early, or if you can't help but wait until the last minute, we've got all your home décor needs covered. Keep reading to find out how you can create a festive home that's perfect for the holidays!


The entryway of your home is the first thing visitors see, so it's important to make a good impression. In addition to being clean and tidy, a front entryway should be inviting. It should communicate that you care about your home and your guests. There are many ways to make the entrance of your home welcoming, but here are some tips that can help:

First, consider making a seasonal wreath. You can find these at craft stores or online, and they are easy to make yourself if you have some time on your hands. A wreath will help bring your home together with a festive feel that will last all through the holiday season.

Second, use candles in your entryway to set the mood for holiday entertaining. Candles are great because they create ambiance without being too loud or overwhelming; they also add light so that guests can find their way around even if your entryway isn’t very bright.

Finally, consider purchasing a welcome mat with an extra-fun design or wordplay on it that matches your theme, like "Happy Holidays!" or "Santa Stop Here!"

living room

Your living room is the place where you relax and take it easy, so it's important that your décor reflects that.

You can go full-on and deck out the whole room with holiday decorations, or you can opt for a more subtle approach with just a few touches here and there. Whichever route you choose, we've got some tips that will help you make sure your living room feels cozy, welcoming, and stylish all season long!

For instance, if you're going the subtle route, try hanging a few decorations on bannisters or anywhere that has an edge. This can be as simple as a string of lights or some homemade paper snowflakes. Then, add a few pinecones or other seasonal items around the room to give it some life.

Or if you're going all-out on your holiday décor, get candles that match your entryway and place them on end tables or near your fireplace—they'll create a nice ambiance while they burn down over time. And don't forget to add some greenery: live plants will perk up any space instantly—just stick them in festive vases on tables around the room.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home—it's where you cook, where you eat, and where you entertain guests. It needs to be as stylish as the rest of your house! Here's how you can turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland in a few simple steps:

The first thing to remember is that it's all about balance. If you're going to add a lot of decorations, make sure they're not too cluttered or distracting. You want them to be beautiful and festive, but not so much that they take away from your kitchen's functionality.

Second, think about texture and colour. You don't want your kitchen to look like it belongs in a department store window display—it should feel rustic and homey, with lots of different textures and colours coming together in harmony.

Third, don't forget about accessories. A lot of people think of decorations as being limited to things like garland and greenery, but there are plenty of other items that can add to the decorating scheme. Consider using a few nutcrackers or snowmen on your countertops, or placing small white lights along the edge of cabinets or islands for an extra-festive touch.

dining room

While you might think that your dining room should be decorated in reds and greens, that's not always the case. You can still use these colours, but it's important to think about how they connect with the rest of your home.

If your dining room is decorated in a neutral colour scheme, you might want to consider adding a pop of colour like gold or silver. You can do this with candles, vases, or even just a decorative tray to keep things interesting throughout the season.

If your dining room is already decorated in a bold colour scheme, try using shades of white or ivory for some contrast. This will help bring out some of the subtle details in your décor while still keeping things festive!

In terms of accessories, try using cranberry or red tea lights in mason jars or clear glass votives to adorn your table. Sprigs of spruce and pinecones also work well for this.

For more ways to decorate your dining room for the season, check out our blog post on How to Create the Perfect Holiday Tablescape.


We know that you have a lot going on in your life right now—you're probably busy planning Christmas dinner, wrapping presents, and making sure everyone has a stocking. But don't forget about your bedroom! It's one of the most important rooms in your house, so why shouldn't it be decorated?

There are plenty of ways to make sure that your space looks stylish for the season while still being cozy and comfortable. Here are some ideas:

Add a bit of festive flair by putting up some Christmas lights around your bed. You could also use them to create a "fireplace" effect on the wall next to your bed by hanging them horizontally on a string across the top of the wall. This will give off a cozy feeling while emulating the warmth of a fire.

Add some Christmas stockings to your door or walls. You can find these at any craft store, or even make them yourself if you know how to sew! They're great because they'll add some colour and texture to an otherwise bland space, while also providing seasonal spirit.

There you have it! A few tips for making your home feel like a place where everyone wants to spend the holidays. There are plenty of other ways to make your house festive, too. Take this post and use it as a starting point!

If you have any questions or need any help along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to hear from our readers and help them spread the holiday cheer!

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