Revitalize Your Wardrobe

With the weather slowly changing for the better, switching out our clothing for the spring and summer season can officially begin! If the current state of your clothing and accessories is a tad overwhelming, a little organization may be long overdue. Make sure to leave your excuses at the door and follow our five tips on how to revitalize your wardrobe! 


A fast and easy way to sift through your clothing in the morning is by type. Hang and fold garments within categories (blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.) and subcategories (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, colour). This will simplify the process of getting ready!

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Hang It Right

Nothing screams closet chaos quite like a collection of wire and neon plastic hangers. Try investing in coordinating wooden or velvet hangers that give your clothing shape. Hang everything in the same direction to create a great flow to your closet.



Divide & Conquer 

Messy and overstuffed dressers are a nightmare when trying to find small and easily tangled items. Try drawer dividers to help keep your socks, underwear and accessories organized and identifiable. You may find this especially helpful when laundry day rolls around!


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Display in A Pretty Way

When mornings are rushed, you don't always have the time to dig through jewelry boxes to find your favourite pieces. Consider felt lined drawers or attractive trays to organize and display your jewelry. This way you can view them all at once!


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Say Goodbye

Be honest with yourself and purge anything you haven’t worn in the past year (special-occasion items excluded). Ask yourself questions like, “does this piece make me feel good?” or “can I think of at least three ways to style it?” If you have to ponder these thoughts, we suggest you move on.