Common Sofa Styles Explained

When you start with the right sofa, everything else just seems to fall into place! Not only is the sofa one of the largest furniture pieces in a living space, but it also serves as the anchor piece, which all other furniture is arranged around. To help you on your sofa-buying journey, we’ve narrowed down the most common styles and their design features!


The Chesterfield sofa is synonymous with luxury and class, defined by elements such as deeply tufted upholstery, and dramatically rolled arms with the same height as its structured back. This sophisticated style attracts attention, making it the focal point to an elegant room.

FEATURED:Ardenboro Sofa

English Roll Arm

The English roll arm receives its name from the tight, compact and low roll arm it features. Padded with plenty of comfort, its plump seat cushions provide a spot to truly sink into it. Short turned legs add a hint of sophistication for a traditional look and feel.

FEATURED:Fermoy Sofa


The lawson sofa is a comfortable classic, characterized by a simple silhouette, loose back pillows and three cushion seat design. The setback arms can be seen rolled or squared with an ideal height for napping. Being the chameleon of all sofas, this style is easily dressed up or down.

FEATURED:Belcampo Sofa

Track Arm 

As its name suggests, the flat, squared-off arms are the distinguishing feature of the track-arm sofa. This makes a smart choice for smaller spaces since the arms have no curves that take up extra room. Its rectangular shape and clean lines create a modern vibe that is simple but yet stylish.

FEATURED:Trembolt Sofa 

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern sofa showcases a low-slung profile, rectangular shape and tapered peg legs. The only embellishment you will most likely see is tufting, and even that is not always a given. If you’re looking for simple, stylish and clean-lined, this sofa is the way to go!

FEATURED:Zardoni Sofa

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