A Good Cleaning to Keep Leather Gleaming

Leather furniture has that timeless appeal, making it a popular upholstery choice for luxury and comfort. With age and use, it develops character and even more beauty, so why not treat it to some tender loving care? Here are some leather care tips to keep your furniture looking great throughout the years!


The Basics

Leather should be cleaned regularly by using a soft, lint-free cloth to dust the exposed surfaces. Always wipe gently and do not rub. If you notice any spots that appear dull, lightly buff those areas to a soft luster.

It is important to remember to remove dust or debris from the surface before attempting to remove any stains. You want to ensure these particles are not rubbed into the leather, creating even deeper stains. 



A Deeper Clean

Pull the throw pillows and seat cushions off your sofa or chair to prepare it for a good deep cleaning! Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to get deep into the crevices. This will suck out all the dust, lint, and debris that have been hiding.


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Spot Test

Remember the old saying, “better to be safe than sorry?” Always spot test in a hidden area before you use cleaning and conditioning products. If there is no damage or discoloration, apply it to the visible areas of your furniture.


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Protect from The Elements

Leather has a soft luster that catches the light beautifully, but that doesn’t mean it should go directly in front of a window. Place leather pieces off to the side of windows to minimize exposure to direct sunlight and let your table lamps cast a beautiful glow. This will help prevent leather from ultimately fading and cracking.


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