5 Tips to Decorate your Coffee Table

Are you giving your coffee table decor enough love? After all, we call it the “coffee” table but do we REALLY keep our coffee on it? Well, yes, we do, but the coffee table is made for so much more. Beyond unwanted feet, the coffee table can be a host to an array of items, whether it be some of your favorite books & magazines, pictures, vases or dishes, flowers or even coveted knick-knacks from your adventures around the world. The coffee table can literally be (and usually is) front and center in your living room and should be a focal point with careful placement of functional or decorative objects or containers.

Much like styling a bookcase, decorating a coffee table can be difficult. But don’t fret! We have some simple decorating ideas to make your coffee table stylish and functional. It all starts and ends with our explanation of 5 coffee table decor ideas.

The Rule of Three

The rule of three in design states that we humans find odd-numbered groupings, especially the number three, to be appealing, and it’s a concept you can employ when decorating your coffee table. One way to approach this tactic is to divide the coffee table, a rectangular table is ideal,  into three different sections. You can also place groupings of three decorative objects on the table for an appealing, asymmetrical design. The balance is all in the scale and placement.

Add a Coffee Table Tray with Small Items

If a grouping of items looks messy, add a coffee table tray. The tray will secure and display all your items in an attractive and orderly way. Plus, using a tray for your coffee table design objects makes it easy to update or remove entirely when you need surface space.

Add Decorative Containers

Cute and clutter aren’t words that usually work well together. That’s why there’s nothing more efficient than stylish containers that hold items like coasters, remotes and even gaming equipment.Simple and elegant, decorative containers are a sure way to solidify and organize any look needing a little more panache.

Add a Glass Bottle

Glass bottles, like these opaque sea-glass inspired bottles, are great table decoration ideas thanks to their texture and versatility. Like home accents bowls, they work well to hold grainy decorations like sand. Glass bottles may be associated with a coastal feel but can easily be adapted to both modern (interesting shapes and varying opaqueness) and country-rustic looks (classic jars). Keep color coordination in mind for a cohesive look.

Add a Vase

Vases are a simple, decorative addition. They can also be grouped according to the rule of three for a sweet and contemporary look. Use them to hold flowers or as decor-only pieces, like the gorgeous stenciled vase look below. Vases are perhaps some of the most versatile home decor pieces that work in any room.