Lighting Guide

Light your room like a designer and enjoy all the benefits beautiful lighting can bestow. The combination of light from multiple sources does away with shadows and dark corners and uniformly illuminates a space. Layered lighting also increases a room's versatility through ambient, accent and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is your "general/uniform" lighting. During the day, natural sunlight provides the ambience. Come nightfall, recessed/track lighting, chandeliers/ pendants and lamps fill the need for ambient light.


Accent Lighting

Also known as directional lighting, accent lighting is intended to highlight a specific feature through the contrast of light and dark space.

Accent lighting is often used to showcase artwork, sculpture or architectural features.

Task Lighting

Also known as specific lighting, task lighting shines light directly on a surface or area to illuminate the work at hand.

Desk lamps are a classic example of task lighting.

Pendants, floor or table lamps enhance the lighting for a variety of activities.

Tips and Tricks

The versatility of your room can be dramatically increased by adding multi-purpose lighting. Three-way bulbs, dimmer switches, adjustable height and flexible direction lighting all serve several purposes- changing their focus and intensity as the need arises.

Turn it up or tone it down. To get the most out of your fixtures, look for features that will adapt to different activities.

Don’t forget, sometimes just being pretty is enough 😊