Small Space Bedroom Furniture - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maximize space in a small bedroom?

Aside from investing in small bedroom sets, maximize space in your bedroom by making use of dual-purpose furniture like a storage bench to hide linens, shoes, and other accessories.

Where should a wardrobe be placed in a small bedroom?

Wardrobes can be placed in multiple ways in a small bedroom. You can hide them inside a storage bench at the foot of your bed, or under bed storage. If your budget allows, get a small chaise dresser or chest from Ashley to store small articles of clothing.

How to make a small bedroom cozy?

Enhance the "coziness" of a small bedroom by adding textures with the use of area rugs and throw pillows in soft, neutral colors. Place lampshades with a dimmer to soften the light on top of small nightstands beside the bed. Decor with rustic, soft-edged, wood-accented furniture.