Home Office Furniture - Frequently Asked Questions

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass, unlike regular glass, is known for its safety. By design, tempered glass shatters into small pieces and is much more likely to do harm, unlike regular glass which shatters into shards. Tempered glass is also designed to be four times stronger than regular glass which makes it ideal for use on table tops. (https://ashleyhomestore.ca/products/baraga-desk)

How do I setup my home office in my living room?

Invest in an ergonomic home office chair for comfort. Use shelving units and bookcases for effective storage, and a home office desk that goes with the shelves and colour of your living room. You can follow the flow of your living room by arranging the furniture around your focal point and making it part of the room, or you can create an imaginary cubicle if you have the space; you can even place the home office in a nook if you have one, the choice is yours to make!

What furniture do I need for a home office?

If you're looking to work from home and looking to create a home office, here are the essentials you need a set of: a comfortable home office chair, a wide desk, and home office storages such as shelves and bookcases. (https://ashleyhomestore.ca/products/starmore-4-piece-home-office)