Appliance Extended Warranty

Ashley Extended Warranty Programs and Protection Plan for Appliances

Protecting your investment


The innovative technology built into today’s appliances helps to ease the stress of our busy lifestyles. Although manufacturer warranties are provided with most products, they may not be covered for as long as you would like. We want to ensure that your new appliances perform as they should for years to come. 


The Appliance Product Protection Plan extends the manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty. When you purchase our coverage, you will receive full protection against unexpected service costs that might occur after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

If you do not make a claim for the term of your coverage, the value of your Product Protection Plan can be used towards a future purchase with our Peace of Mind Promise.

Our peace of mind promise


If you do not make a claim for the term of your coverage, the value of
your Product Protection Plan can be put towards a future purchase with our
Peace of Mind Promise.

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Why do I need an extended coverage Product Protection Plan?

  • Most manufacturer parts and labour warranties expire after one year.
  • Manufacturer warranties beyond one year, typically only cover parts. This often does not include the cost for a repair technician to diagnose or to repair the product.
  • Appliance repair fees can add up, ranging from $75-$150 per hour.
  • The cost of a single claim is often more than the cost of the extended Product Protection Plan.
  • If you do not use your Product Protection Plan, you are covered by our Peace of Mind Promise. This means you can use the value of our plan towards a future purchase. That’s what we call a win-win.

What does it cover?


  • All parts and labour required for repair.

  • In-home service for all major appliances and TVs over 32 inches.

  • Manufacturer certified repair technicians.

  • Zero deductible coverage.

  • Food spoilage coverage.

  • No Lemon Policy.





  • Anything not expressly specified in these terms as being covered under the plan.
  • Operating the product or products in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Performing routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • You are responsible for paying all costs, including inspection, mileage, parts or labour, if deemed by the manufacturer’s authorized service technician that:
  • No defect in the product is found.
  • The cause of the defect was not a result of materials or manufacturer workmanship.
  • The defect was caused by failure to perform proper installation and/or maintenance.
  • The defect is not covered by the terms of this plan including manufacturer exclusions.
  • A scheduled in-home appointment with a servicer is canceled without 24-hours notice.
  • You must provide proof of purchase at the time of placing a service claim.
  • You will reasonably cooperate with Tutoris service personnel in their efforts to perform their obligations under these terms.
  • You must provide proof of purchase at the time of placing a service claim.

  • You will reasonably cooperate with Tutoris service personnel in their efforts to perform their obligations under these terms.


Contact Customer Service at 1-800-737-3233.
Please have your original purchase invoice and terms and conditions on hand.

  1. If there is a loss in functionality of your product, and you have followed the manufacturer’s recommended troubleshooting steps as indicated in the operating manual provided by the manufacturer, contact the Service Centre in your region, as indicated above so that we can help you.
  2. Upon confirmation of the Product Protection Plan and product eligibility, Tutoris may attempt troubleshooting and corrective actions. If these attempts do not resolve the issue, a service appointment will be scheduled for you.
  3. Once you have confirmed a service appointment, a 24-hour notice is required if you need to cancel or reschedule. You agree to pay the incurred service rate if you don’t provide 24-hour notice
    or if you are not at the appointment location at the
    scheduled time.
  4. If you are outside of the areas serviced by our distribution network, you are responsible for the payment of added mileage charges or, as an alternative, to deliver (drop off and pick up) the affected product or products to a designated service depot at your own expense.

All Product Protection Plans are defined as REPAIR coverage. Product will be repaired to its original operating condition. In the event that parts are unavailable or the cost of parts becomes prohibitively expensive, then, at Tutoris’s discretion, Tutoris will replace the product. Tutoris cannot guarantee that replacements will have every feature and function of the original unit and will be based on like, kind, and quality.


IMPORTANT: Carefully review and file your Terms and Conditions and your invoice. Both documents must be presented when any services are requested. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) contain the limitations, exclusions, and claims procedures of Tutoris Inc. (“Tutoris”) Appliance Protection Plan. To the original purchaser (“you”, “your”) of a Tutoris Product Protection Plan and one or more appliance (“product”, “products”, “product or products”) from the authorized retailer, Tutoris guarantees that it will provide the coverage outlined in these Terms and Conditions, and according to the type of protection plan purchased, as indicated on the original bill of sale. Tutoris Appliance Product Protection Plan coverage begins the first day after the manufacturer’s 100% parts and labour warranty of the unit expires, and provides a maximum combined coverage term of 5-years from the original date of possession.


The Tutoris Appliance Product Protection Plan supplements any warranty or guarantee by the manufacturer of the product for the term of the purchased plan. It is subject to all provisions, limitations, and exclusions as outlined by the manufacturer. To be eligible for coverage under this plan, the protected product or products must be purchased new and be covered by an original manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty of at least 90 days. See Limitations and Exclusions for details.


In the case of an appliance manufacturer defect during this coverage period, and a fourth (4th) failure of the same major part, Tutoris will replace the product upon confirmation of an authorized technician. See Limitations and Exclusions for details.


In the event of food spoilage resulting from a mechanical failure of a refrigeration or freezer unit, Tutoris will reimburse you for the loss up to a maximum of $250 over the term of this coverage with proof of food purchase. Loss of food resulting from failure of the product to perform during power failures, losses, surges, or inadequate/interrupted electrical service, is not considered mechanical failure. Food spoilage coverage begins from date of possession of the product.


Provided no claims have been made over the duration of your plan, you will receive a credit equal to the original Product Protection Plan amount paid, less taxes. This credit redemption is available only after expiration of the claims-free warranty period and is valid for a period of 180 days. The credit can be used towards the purchase of $1000 or more of any regular priced furniture or mattress. Alternatively, you can redeem 50% of the amount paid towards the purchase of $1000 or more of any sale priced furniture or mattress including Homestore Specials. Only one Peace of Mind Promise credit per $1000 purchase can be applied. Customers must produce a Peace of Mind Certificate at the time of redemption, you may contact customer service for a certificate when available. Certificates have no cash value. Credit available is non-transferable. Any unredeemed credits will be forfeited without notice.


  • All plans are for residential use only.

  • You must operate and maintain the product according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  • Normal wear: all products experience wear over the course of product use. Normal wear is not covered under the Product Protection Plan.

  • Tutoris‘s liability is strictly limited to the obligations expressed in these terms. Tutoris‘s maximum liability
    per Product Protection Plan will not exceed the original purchase price of the product or products. In the event that a repair or a replacement product or products (single claim or cumulative claims) equals or exceeds the maximum liability, as detailed in these terms, Tutoris will have honoured its obligations and this agreement will be considered fulfilled. Tutoris‘s financial obligation under this agreement is limited to the original amount of the product purchase before taxes and other charges. 

  • Area of coverage is limited to the area serviced by our distribution network. If you are outside of this area, you may be responsible for the payment of added mileage charges or, in the alternative, you may choose to deliver (drop off and pick up) at your own expense the affected product or products to a designated service depot.

  • In-home service within the area of coverage includes laundry units, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, over- the-range microwaves, ranges, built-in cooktops, built-in ovens, and televisions over 32 inches. All other products are deemed “carry-in” service for which you are responsible for delivery of the product or products to an approved service location. 

  • Tutoris cannot be held responsible for delays due to product manufacturer delays in providing parts. 

  • Tutoris cannot be held responsible should the original product manufacturer cease operations or if parts become unavailable. In this case, Tutoris‘s sole liability will be to make available a comparable feature product of current production, based on the terms and conditions of the coverage originally purchased. In the case of such replacement, the new unit will not exceed the purchase price of the originally covered unit.


  • Cosmetics, such as trims, hinges, door liners.

  • Warping or buckling of cabinets or enclosures, or the failure of any parts that do not prevent the operation of the product. 

  • Moisture between glass (ovens).

  • Accidental breakage of glass cooktops.

  • Labour charges for after-hour calls, evening or weekend calls.

  • Preexisting damage or conditions of appliances and/or sold AS IS.

  • Loss or damage resulting from external causes such as, but not limited to:

  • Defective or inadequate wiring.

  • Outages as a result of public utility company action or inaction.

  • Fire, wood, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, or theft.

  • Confiscation by the authorities.

  • Any manufacturer defect within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

  • Damage resulting from the delivery, pick-up, or installation of products.

  • Instructions on product operation.

  • Installation of any product.

  • Stains, discolouration, odor, however caused.

  • Damage caused by accidents, misuse, abuse or neglect.

  • Remote controls, cables, accessories, stacking kits, pedestals, and damaged crispers.

  • Replacement of parts that require normal, periodical replacement, such as but not limited to, batteries, light bulbs, fuses, lighters, or any add-on devices or perishables.

  • Illegal activities.

  • Consequential damages, bodily injury, or property damage to third parties, punitive damages, and legal fees.

  • Exclusions stated in the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

  • Loss or damage resulting from failure to perform manufacturer recommended maintenance.

  • Damage caused by fraud, intentional acts, war, or hostilities of any kind if arising from illegal activity. 

  • Damage caused by an act of God.

  • Damage caused to the products while in transit or storage.

  • Repairs carried out by anyone other than an authorized service technician of Tutoris.

  • Anything not expressly specified in these terms as being covered under the plan.