Time for S'mores

What better way to spend a weekend outdoors than throwing a s’mores party? Because a weekend filled with such ooey-gooey deliciousness is a super sweet treat! Here’s what you need to host a sweet s’mores party.

S'mores party

The Supplies

Of course, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers are a must have. Start with the basics and experiment with different flavours: try strawberry marshmallows instead of plain; fudge striped cookies or shortbread instead of graham crackers; or salted caramel chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate in place of regular milk chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

For an outdoor heat source, use a fire pit or a campfire to roast your marshmallows.

Plus, you’ll need some extra items to make sure your s’mores party runs smoothly:

  • Skewers – You definitely need these to roast marshmallows! Try to have at least one skewer per guest.
  • Plates – This makes it easier for guests to remove cooked s’mores from the skewers and to create multiple s’mores at once
  • Napkins – Spoiler alert: s’mores are very gooey!
  • Serving Trays – Use trays to separate the ingredients, making it easier for guests to build their s’mores.

The Station

S'mores party station

Next, lay out all the ingredients at the s’mores station. We set up this bench-style station with a burlap runner and glass jars for a rustic look and added fresh flowers for a pop of colour. Adapt the decor to suit your theme or occasion.

The Fun

S’mores are all about having fun and enjoying a tasty treat! There are hundreds of different combinations to experiment with. Enjoy your weekend and follow us on Instagram for more s’mores inspiration.