The Perfect Reading Nook

In the midst of our hectic schedules, finding the time to unwind is most likely last on our to-do list. If we dedicate spaces in our home to activities such as reading a novel or flipping through magazines, they serve as reminders for us to slow down and simply relax. Whether it’s in a living room or bedroom, a reading nook should be comfortable, cozy, and stylish! Here we share with you the main furniture pieces to create a reading space of your very own!


A Comfy Chair 

When it comes to the perfect chair, the keyword is comfort! What defines comfort varies from person to person, but the consensus consists of good back support, soft material, upholstered arms and a deep seat. If your home is your castle, then your reading chair must certainly be your throne!


FEATURED: Sissoko Chair

Keep the general style of the chair in line with the rest of the furniture in the room, but feel free to play with colour, pattern, and shape! A reading chair is a great piece to display a bold style, so have a little fun with it!


A Practical End Table 

An end table is more than just a resting spot for your beverage or novel. The right end table compliments your favourite chair, offering style and practicality to your reading nook. If you have swapped out physical books for an e-reader or tablet, many end tables now have built-in electrical outlets and charging ports for an added bonus!


FEATURED: Roddinton Rectangle End Table



If you space lacks storage, opt for end tables with extra shelves or a drawer to tuck away your books, snacks or additional items that make your reading nook a little more special!


FEATURED: Chenceen Rectangle End Table 

A Stylish Lamp

The correct lighting will not only provide ambiance to your space but also decrease the likelihood of eyestrain and headaches while reading. Even if there is a window with optimal light, it is worth putting in a lamp for nighttime reads.


FEATURED: Saffi Cream Table Lamp & Laylanne Accent Chair


FEATURED: Kyron Table Lamp

A reading lamp is an additional opportunity to bring something special to your décor! A simple piece such as a table or floor lamp can create a funky focal point! Not to mention, floor lamps come in many designs with flexible arms that adjust for more focused and customizable lighting.


FEATURED: Sharde, Metal & Sheriel Floor Lamp 



Try not to clutter your reading nook with unnecessary décor that creates shadows and impedes the natural flow of light. However, a few of your favourite things contributes to the overall mood of your space!


• Ottoman

• Blankets

• Decorative pillows

• Plants

• Artwork and personal photos