Stylish Storage Solutions

While being at the mercy of winter, we are all spending a little more time indoors. This makes for the ideal time to jump-start your spring cleaning and treat your home to a thorough declutter. Here we cover stylish storage solutions that will help restore harmony to your space!

Storage Benches 


A storage bench placed in an entryway makes a convenient and stylish spot to plop down while you remove your footwear. You will rest even easier knowing that it can store all your loose and bulky entryway items such as shoes, umbrellas and outdoor clothing accessories.

Glosco Bench D548-010


To add visual interest to your storage bench, simply place a colourful pillow or texturized blanket on top! 

Glosco Bench -D548-210


Glosco Bench - D548-410 


Console Tables 

A console table can be used far beyond just a decorative purpose! In fact, they serve as a great storage unit for an entryway, living room, or anywhere your home requires organization. Look for a piece that has both cabinet doors and bottom slats to maximize storage.

Many units can be dressed up or down, featuring asymmetrical décor elements or a mirror above! Multiple baskets and bowls of different sizes are a great addition to the bottom, adding storage and style!

Mestler Console - T580-40


Mestler Console Table - T580-4



Gone are the days when credenzas were solely used as a formal dining room piece! Now you may see a credenza in almost any part of the home, helping to provide attractive storage. A combination of closed cabinets and open shelving provides an opportunity to organize and display prized possessions.

You can easily style an empty credenza top by using artful and eye-catching pieces. Start with a matching pair of items, such as lamps or ginger jars. A turntable or bar tray can be mixed in as a conversational piece, while you finish off with framed art on the wall above!

Townser Credenza - H636-60






The ottoman can serve as extra seating, a footrest, or even a coffee table when a tray is placed on top. Better yet, an ottoman with under the lid storage makes the ideal place to stash blankets, books, and other living room essentials that are not in use.

Style your ottoman with practicality in mind since it is a moving piece. Steer clear of sentimental breakables, and opt for a tray that is deep enough to pick up without your objects falling onto the floor.

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Coffee Tables

A coffee table often becomes a landing pad for various small items. To keep your living space organized and attractive, try a coffee table with built-in storage, such as drawers, shelves, or compartments. You can discretely store entertainment items without sacrificing style!

Aim for elegant and unexpected elements into one lovely coffee table display. Decorative trays, candles, or live potted plants will add colour and beauty to your living space.

Chanceen Rectangle Cocktail Table - T027-1


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