Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas

rustic bedroom with white bed

Do you have big master bedroom ideas that are confined to a small space? No problem! Not all of us have bedrooms on a grand scale, but that doesn’t mean your design dreams can’t come true. Compact bedrooms can appear just as luxurious as any other with ample square footage! Here we share with you our small master bedroom design tricks!

Make a Statement

If you lack surface space to decorate with various accents such as lamps, vases or trinkets, let your bed command all the attention! A bold headboard design will turn your bed into the main focal point, casting the attention away from your lack of square footage. Even if your room doesn’t allow for a footboard, you can create a masterpiece with a headboard that features some height. If you’re worried about overwhelming the small space with all this grandeur, keep your bedding and accessories neutral.


White bed with dark brown headboard
A Bold dark brown padded headboard
floating shelf with metallic bird accents

Utilize Floating Surfaces

Goodbye boring walls! Wall mounted shelves add esthetic and function to your small bedroom! Instead of using bookcases or shelving that take up floor space, floating surfaces can provide just as much organization. Display your books, picture frames, trinkets and house plants while adding a touch of your personal style!


Less is More

In a small master bedroom, it’s important to choose your favourite accents wisely. It’s easy to get caught up in all the beautiful and shiny pieces, but after a while, you end up with a cluttered room. If you keep your accent pieces simple, it will not only make your bedroom more visually appealing, but it will also make it seem larger.


Rustic wooden dresser

Stash It Under Your Bed

When it comes to extra drawer space in the bedroom, we could all use a little more no matter what size of room! Solve your bedroom storage problem with a bed that features built-in drawers. From sheets and duvets to clothes and shoes, storage beds provide a space for you to sleep and store your bedroom essentials!  


Wooden bed with storage underneath