Sectional Sofas 101

If you love cozying up in front of the TV or entertaining a few guests, a sofa sectional is a must-have furniture piece to consider! Aside from deciding on the obvious fabric and colour choices, you must also take into consideration aspects such as orientation, shape and features. Sure, it sounds a little daunting, but our sectional buying guide has got you covered!


The Basics

First things first! Be sure to ask yourself what purpose your sectional will mainly serve. This will determine if you need to face directly toward a TV or have your guests face each other for easy conversation. Also, think about the number of people your sectional will most likely accommodate.

FEATURED: Ashlor 5 Piece LAF Sectional


The terms RAF and LAF describe the position of the arm when you face the front of the sectional. This is easy to determine for L-Shaped sectionals, as it refers to which side the chaise is on. For other configurations, orientation is determined by the position of the piece coming towards you when facing the front of the sectional.


FEATURED: Tindell 2-Piece RAF Sectional & Tensas 2-Piece LAF Sectional




The L-Shape is one of the most common types of sectionals offered. It appears in the form of a letter “L” with two lines of seating, forming a 90-degree right angle.


FEATURED: Gleason 2-Piece LAF Sectional


L-Shaped with Chaise:

This type of L-shaped sectional features a chaise at one end of the sofa, forming the “L.” It is most ideal for smaller spaces that require seating for a larger amount of people.


FEATURED: Malakoff 2-Piece LAF Sectional & Accent Ottoman


Similar to an L-shape, the U-shape sectional has an additional row of seating for a total of three lines. Some may offer a chaise lounge as a third extension, instead of another section of seating.


FEATURED: Palempor 3-Piece LAF Sectional & Oversized Accent Ottoman



Not all sectionals are simply stationary! In fact, many sectionals are now modular or even power reclining. This gives you the freedom to create a truly customizable seating arrangement with extra comfort and functionality.

FEATURED: Pittsfield 4 Piece RAF Sectional