Rug Placement & Size Guide

A beautiful area rug acts as artwork for the floor, creating a frame to place furniture and define the space! When shopping for the perfect piece, we often become so wrapped up in appearance alone that we neglect proper placement and sizing. Our guide will help you with these details so that when it comes time to unroll the rug, it will fit exactly the way you want it!

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Dining Room

Living Room

When selecting a rug size and orientation for the living room, it is important to consider three factors: existing furniture, layout, and size. With these factors in mind, you will be able to create harmony while making your space feel much larger.

Option 1:

If your living room is already large and spacious, choose an area rug that accommodates all your furniture. This anchors the space, tying the room together. Ensure there is enough rug extending out from behind furniture pieces so you can comfortably walk around without tripping. Also, at least 18” of bare flooring should be exposed around the edges to ground the space.

Option 2:

A living room on the smaller side works well with an area rug that is slightly smaller in scale, having just the front legs of the furniture placed on top of the rug. Ensure your space remains unified by having the rug sized to allow for only the front legs across ALL pieces.

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Option 3:

If your space is quite narrow, opt for a much smaller rug placed under the coffee table, with the remaining furniture resting on the bare flooring. To ensure you have the right proportions, base the rug size on the interior dimensions of your seating area and not just the coffee table itself. This will ensure the rug fills the negative space to create a cozy and inviting look. 

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If you want to place an area rug in the bedroom, be sure to keep in mind the size and placement of the largest furniture item: the bed! Not only will an area rug further define the space, but it will also give your feet a comfy landing spot each morning!

Option 1:

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 An 8’ x 10’ rug will accommodate a queen or king-sized bed with the nightstands. However, if positioned lower, it will cover the bottom two-thirds of the bed, leaving the nightstands on the bare flooring.

Option 2:

If you can’t bear the thought of covering the majority of your bedroom flooring, consider placing small runners on either side of the bed. Be sure to pay close attention to scale, as the runner should not extend beyond the bed itself and should be wider than your nightstand.