Pet Proof Your Home

Most furry friends have their favourite places to rest throughout the home. These places are usually on your beloved sofa, recliner or bed - but that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your most loved spaces a little more pet-friendly and stylish!

Think Durable

Pet-friendly furniture calls for forgiving fabrics and low-maintenance materials. Leather or even pleather furniture is durable and easy to clean. A simple wipe down and a quick vacuum is all you need to do! Any scratches you may encounter from your pet’s claws will add a little patina. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics withstand a lot of action, as they are difficult to stain and do not hold odors as much as natural fibers. With minimal wear and tear, you can easily remove accumulated hair with a lint brush. Look for fabrics such as microfiber and polyester.


Lay It Down

Your floors take a lot of abuse from your pet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your style and your pet’s comfort with a beautiful area rug. Look for synthetic blends such as polypropylene with intricate patterns or dark colours. They are wonderfully durable and hide stains like a breeze.

Invest In A Good Bed

Replace your pet’s favourite spot on the sofa with their very own comfortable landing pad! Not all pets will love their new bed right away, so it is important to keep their personality in mind. If they love to be with you at all times, consider placing it somewhere close to high traffic areas of your home. The more time your pet spends in their own bed, the less fur, scratches, stains, and odors you’ll find on your furniture.

Be Particular About Grooming

Keeping your pet clean will also help your furniture stay cleaner, longer. Regular brushing and bathing can help to remove loose fur, while trimmed nails cut down on the chances of scratching upholstery and floors. Think of it this way: it’s usually more fun to clean your pet than your upholstery in the long run!