Pendant Lighting for Every Room

Just like a fine piece of jewelry, pendant lighting gives the perfect finishing touch. From retro glam to industrial chic, you can make or break a room’s feel with this element of styling. But no need to fear! We’ve rounded up the best pendant lighting solutions that are just as stylish as your favourite pair of diamond earrings!

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Dining Rooms

Gone are the days of heavy and ornate chandeliers gracing the presence of formal dining rooms. Today’s options feature pendant lighting with a much cleaner, simpler and more transparent aesthetic. They showcase beautifully in open concept and multifunctional spaces.

FEATURED:Hilary Pendant Light & Chapstone Dining Room 

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Living Room

A striking pendant light has the ability to complete a living room, brightening the seating area and creating a focal point. If it’s a little off center, no problem! A growing trend features floating pendant lights over the sofa end tables. Consider this if you don’t plan on rearranging your furniture anytime soon!

FEATURED:Cade Ceiling Mount Pendant Light & The Geashill Series 


For the most part, styles in lighting have simplified, but a bedroom is still a place for a little glam! Pendants placed at the head of the bed or centered over the bed make for a romantic retreat! If you like the idea of pendant lighting over sofa end tables, you might just love them above bedroom nightstands too! Save a bit of surface space and skip the table lamps.