Mid-Century Modern Design

The mid-century modern design trend is anything but old-fashioned! Old concepts have turned into new styles, satisfying the contemporary tastes of many. Keep reading to learn how to put this trend to work in a twenty-first century home!

Go Bold

Long ago, the traditional mid-century palette was splashed with bright hues and earth tones. In order to maintain a modern look today, use a neutral backdrop. Let your accent pieces do all the work with a bold pop of unexpected colour! This can be in the form of décor or a single furniture piece.


Show Some Leg

Tapered and hairpin legs picked up a certain flair in the mid-century, becoming a defining feature of mid-century modern furniture. Now they are making a major comeback in today’s furniture world! Whether short or long, these legs remain sleek and stylish!


Mix It Up

Gone are the days when all design elements had to match! A mixture of materials such as wood, plastic and metal are all welcome! Metals in particular pair well with wood or other raw textiles, adding a touch of warmth and personality to the mid-century modern trend.


Be Natural

Although bright colours were all the rage, earth tones and natural materials made an appearance towards the end of the mid-century. If you’re not a fan of bold colours, this is the perfect way to go! Showcase a sense of modern simplicity with leather furniture pieces in elegant greys, luxe browns or creamy caramels.