We are excited to introduce our eighth lifestyle collection, mane + mason! With a modern approach to classic farmhouse design, the new collection celebrates life’s moments with styles that are unique, relaxed, versatile and family-friendly. Get inspired with this new collection!


Embrace mother nature with unique furniture pieces that pay homage to natural materials! mane + mason showcases reclaimed wood with eye-popping texture and detail. Complete with nicks, gouges and grooves, this distressing becomes an authentic piece of art to marvel at in your home.


Take a break from chaotic contemporary life! mane + mason allows you to slow down and escape to a warm and inviting atmosphere that you’re proud to call home. A blend of earth-toned hues complements pops of colour to create a pleasant surprise.



Pairing well with other styles, mane and mason is made for mixing and matching your favourite pieces! Whether you’re eclectic or a little more on the traditional side, embrace the elements you truly love.



Endure the test of time and embrace the beautiful messes! Each piece is made to withstand everyday life, perfect for the whole family. Performance fabric such as Nuvella® is easy to clean and remains vibrant for years to come.


Shop the mane + mason lifestyle collection HERE!

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