Get the Canadiana Look: 5 Design Elements

If you’re after a fresh new style, you may not have to look very far from home! Incorporating the Canadiana look is a great way to embrace Canada’s diverse roots, combining inspiration from the country that is near and dear to our hearts.

1. A Classic Colour Palette

Are you a fan of neutrals with a pop of understated colour? Well, you’re definitely in luck! Shades of brown, beige and white set a neutral base, while accent colours provide plenty of personality and depth. Vivid red is a tribute to the iconic maple leaf, dark green nods to the forested landscape, and navy pays homage to the country's beautiful shorelines!  

2. Outdoor Touches

Canadiana style reflects the ruggedness of our landscape and all the beauty that it brings. By incorporating mixed wood tones in a distressed finish, it provides a great style foundation. Even one or two wood pieces will add a textural appeal that echoes the forests of Canada.

3. Cabin in the Woods

What’s more Canadian than decorating your home like you’re at the cabin? Try incorporating items like oars and boats into your design to feel like you’re back at the cabin all year round! Even vintage sporting equipment that pays homage to our love for hockey, lacrosse, skiing, snowshoeing or tobogganing can serve as the most unique art!

skis, oars, and fishing elements

4. Animals & Antlers

Canada is home to many beautiful animals, like our official national symbol, the beaver! Although you may not want to incorporate this animal in your design, there are plenty of other options. Think moose, deer, bears or loons! They’re all classically Canadian and relatively easy to find in stylish art pieces!

5. Cozy Comfort

Materials such as faux fur and soft knits warm up Canadiana-style interiors, providing comfort during the harshest Northern winters. If you’re looking for a hint of pattern, plaid and buffalo check are forever iconic! Paying homage to the country's iconic lumberjack industry, they instantly make us feel warm and comfortable.