Fluff it Up: Cushion Care Tips

What do you consider the most important piece of furniture in your home? Many families may say the sofa, loveseat, easy chair or sectional! From entertaining guests to curling up and watching a movie, these pieces experience a large amount of daily use. With that in mind, a little cushion care goes a long way to preserve their beauty and longevity.

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Just like fluffing the pillow you sleep on night after night, the same concept applies to your seat and back cushions! Follow these easy tips to help care for the furniture pieces you love the most:

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Seat Cushions:

1. Remove the cushions from the sofa. Unzip the cushion covers and place your arm inside, all the way down to the very bottom.

2. Run your hand along the outside of the cushion insert to fluff the fibers.

3. Zip the cushion cover and run your hand up and down both sides of the outside of the cushion for a smooth and square finish.

4. Put the seat cushions back in place and gently pull at the cushion corners to align the cushions.

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Back Cushions:

1. Use both hands simultaneously to pat down the cushions thoroughly and evenly.

2. If your back cushions are removable, pat down both sides. If they’re zippered, feel free to ruffle the inside.

3. Once you’ve patted the cushions, gently tug at the corners for a crisp, like-new appearance.

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Additional Tips:

• Rotate your cushions once a month (if possible) to ensure even wear.

• Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly with low suction and a soft brush to remove debris.