Experience the Movies at Home

Lights, camera, action! Going to the theatre to watch a movie is an experience like no other, but what if we told you that you could take that experience home with you? With a few additions to your home, you'll be able to go to the movies...in your living room! Follow these steps and the big-screen will be all yours, all the time. Showtime!

Step 1: T.V. the Tele-Vision

The first step in creating the movie theatre experience in your home is your screen set-up. To get the most out of your movie, try a wall unit! With space for extra speakers, display shelves to show off your memorabilia, and the grandiose flair of the big-screen, a wall unit is sure to up the ante of movie night.

We recommend: The Havalance Entertainment Wall Unit. With a modern farmhouse design we just can’t get enough of, this unit provides all the storage and display space imaginable.


If your space is less like Hogwarts and more like Harry’s room under the stairs, don’t worry! You can get the movie theatre experience just as well with a TV stand! With the same features of a wall unit on a smaller scale, a TV stand is the perfect small space solution.

We recommend: The Trinell TV Stand. Providing the perfect mix of height and width, this stand is the perfect place to put your TV. With two open spaces for display and storage, you can fit all of your media equipment while still displaying your favourite movie memorabilia. Small space: conquered.


Step 2: Lord of the Recliners

The next step in making your space into a home theatre is the seating arrangement. Now that you have freedom to customize your theatre experience, you can say goodbye to hard, sticky, and cramped theatre seats and hello to your new reclining sofa! Sporting plush seats, slick looks, and add-ons galore, reclining sofas are the move to bring your home theatre to another level.

We recommend: The Family Den 3 Piece Reclining Sectional. Featuring one-touch power reclining, adjustable headrests, USB plug-in, console storage, and cup holders, this pick is an absolute no-brainer. Need we say more?


If your home theatre is a theatre for one, the Rowlett Power Recliner is perfect for you. Inspired by luxury automotive interiors, the Rowlett provides all of the benefits of the Family Den, but for one.

Step 3: Cart Blanche

Next up: jazz up your snack-game with serving carts and beverage tubs! Presentation isn’t always at the forefront when it comes to movie theatre snacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t glam up your snacking! With the ability to have your favourite snacks without smuggling them in, serving carts make snacking stations a must-have to keep your favourite treats on hand throughout the movie. Additionally, beverage carts keep your beverages cool while looking cool themselves, another unique addition to your home theatre experience!

We recommend: the Kailman Serving Cart and the Vossman Beverage Tub. Keeping it gold, the Kailman brings elegance and style to your snacking station, adding casters for easy mobility. Let the good times roll with the Vossman, a retro-chic beverage tub with a metal grill shelf for holding glasses, bottles, and remotes.

Step 4: Finding Cozy

Before you go off to design your own home theatre, we have one more step! Complete comfort is a main draw of having a home theatre, and one cannot achieve it without comfy pillows and a cozy blanket! Don’t sleep on this step.

We recommend: the Milton Throw and the Himena Pillow. Both faux fur options are just as soft as they look, sure to keep you warm and cozy.

With the movies coming to you, you can customize your home theatre to your wildest dreams! Whether you want to binge your favourite show, re-watch your favourite childhood flicks, or try out something new, a home theatre is the way to go. After all, there’s no place like home.