Entryway Essentials

Your home’s entryway is the first thing you see when you enter your home, as well as the last when you leave. It creates a spot for you to drop off your keys, kick off your shoes and most importantly, greet your guests! Regardless of the layout of your home, our entryway essentials will help you to create a great first impression with a blend of form and function!

Light the Way

Never underestimate the power of a carefully chosen light fixture! A stylish overhead light, such as a dramatic pendant or chandelier creates a focal point that draws your guest’s attention. If you have room for a table, add a lamp to provide an additional layer of light. This comes in handy when going to and from the house during night time.

Dress Up Your Walls

A painting, print or wall decoration can instantly impress your guests! If you require a last-minute glimpse of yourself before walking out the door, opt for a decorative mirror instead. Along with adding a dose of style, a mirror also helps to create the illusion of more space within a small entryway.


A sofa table is used far beyond just a decorative purpose in an entryway! They serve as a great storage unit for items that you grab right before you go out the door. The top of the table makes a perfect spot for decorative bowls and baskets, filled with necessities such as wallets and keys. Meanwhile, larger items are stored in cabinet drawers, doors and bottom slats.

Have A Seat

Increase the style and function of your entryway with seating! Whether it’s a bench, stool or chair, seating provides a spot for you and your guests to take off footwear comfortably. If your space allows for a bench, opt for one that has storage. With a lift top, you can store bulky items such as shoes, umbrellas and outdoor clothing accessories out of sight!