Classic Blue: Pantone Colour of the Year

The arrival of 2020 welcomes a new decade with Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue! This universal favourite brings to mind both the constant and the classic, highlighting our desire for change in a revolutionary time period, while still staying true to our traditions.

blue image of the sea

Representing both the sky and sea, the colour blue is often associated with bodies of water and wide-open spaces. This naturally evokes a sense of calmness and serene, resonating with many.


Blue captures visionary change, while classic keeps us grounded in our traditions.

When we combine the word ‘classic’ with the colour blue, it perfectly captures the realm in which we are currently in and where we are heading in 2020. Although this new decade is set to bring political, environmental and social change, we hold close to our truths and traditions.

blue image of a mountain

While some may associate this shade with a touch of nostalgia, Classic Blue is perfect for creating a contemporary style statement that is both timeless and enduring. Try brightening any room with hints of Classic Blue accents, including pillows, throws, vases, and wall décor. This works especially well against your favourite neutrals and you never have to fully commit to the colour!

If you’re all about the blues, consider using Classic Blue in the form of a larger statement piece, like a sofa, accent chair, or upholstered bench! The combination of deep rich hues with velvety soft upholstery adds a luxurious touch, becoming the main focal point of your room.