Boho Chic Style

Boho chic style bedroom

Embrace your wild and free-spirited side! Boho chic features artsy and eclectic finds with plenty of rustic charm. Along with mixing and matching your favourite bold colours, textures, and patterns, boho chic is the perfectly imperfect style you’ve been searching for.

Colour Me Happy

To create the perfect canvas, start with neutral and earthy tones. Think white, beige, brown, greens and grays for base colours, while leaving the majority of bright tones for accessorizing! Opting for a neutral base allows you to pile up on color and pattern for the perfect eclectic mix.


boho chic style chair
funky patterned rug

Mixed Patterns and Print

From funky patterned rugs, to colourful cushions and throws, boho chic style is all about taking risks with patterns and prints! Although this style is artsy and eclectic, try to keep a consistent colour theme to prevent a disjointed feel. Chose a selection of hues that keep you coming back for more!


Distressed at Its Best

Move over shabby chic, boho furniture and accessories showcase that distressed look we just can’t get enough of! This slight weathering brings added charm to the style, giving your pieces a well-loved vibe with an exotic appeal.

textured furniture boho chic style

Mad for Metals & Mirrors

Being a signature element of boho chic interiors, metals and mirrors make a modern style statement! You may not want to fill your room with all things shiny, but one or two reflective pieces can make a difference in creating the illusion of a bigger and brighter boho space!


metal and mirror table

Boho chic style allows you to get creative with countless design options! With a wide array of eclectic pieces, you never have to apologize for being a little unconventional with your style.

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