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area rug with intricate pattern

Ready to embrace a sense of tradition in a way that feels fresh and new? We’re happy to see a resurgence in the popularity of intricate detailing, refined colours and a hint of European flair. Of course, comfort should never be sacrificed in the name of style. We’re all about the fact that elegance and comfort make a classic pair!

18th and 19th century room design

Dating back to the early 18th and 19th-century, traditional furniture styles showcased elaborate designs, often made to mimic what the royal monarchies had in their sitting rooms, parlors, bedrooms and grand dining rooms. This has undeniably built the foundation for the classic styles of today, celebrating highlights of monumental eras and design movements.  


Without a doubt, European styles of the early centuries have made the most significant contribution to the traditional furniture world, with many styles remaining popular today. The English roll-arm, for example, gained popularity in the 19th century and remains a must-have for the home. It receives its name from the tight, compact and low roll arm it features. Padded with plenty of comfort, its plump seat cushions provide a spot to truly sink into. Plus, it’s short turned legs add a hint of sophistication for a classy look and feel.

furniture with button tufting, nail head trim, and elegant bun feet

Intricate details are what make a traditional home design, well, traditional! Built-in cabinetry, crown moldings and grand columns all call to mind the grandeur of the 18th and 19th century. When it comes to furniture and décor, it’s important to embrace pieces that are captivating and full of character. Elements such as button tufting, nail head trim, and elegant bun feet all add a touch of classic opulence.

arm chair with high tufted arms

In addition, symmetry is paramount in traditional design. Almost everything comes in pairs, including sofas, chairs, end tables, lamps, and accessories. The purpose of pairing these pieces is to create a balanced space around an important focal point, such as a fireplace, television, or piece of wall décor.

complimentary classical themed bed and bedroom furniture

If you love refined shades and rich wood tones, the classics are definitely for you. Simply infuse a dose of color through artwork and accent pieces to make your design pop. Florals, paisleys, damasks and stripes all pair perfectly with classic style.

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