6 Tips for Decorating an Open-Concept Home

From everyday living to entertaining, an open-concept space is perfect for today’s modern home! When the living room, dining room and kitchen all flow together, it promotes a casual and contemporary environment. Plus, you can watch the kids and the dog all while cooking dinner! Get inspired with our top 6 decorating tips for an open-concept home!

1. Keep it Consistent

When visual boundaries such as walls lack throughout the space, it’s important to keep a fairly consistent style throughout. You don’t need to match every little detail, but just remember that your style choices are viewable from several other vantage points.


Dining and Living room furniture with consistent design
harmonized color theme in open concept spaces

2. Play with Colour

Although the style of your open concept home should stay consistent, never be afraid to play with colour! Use a neutral palette throughout, while accessorizing each area with its own colors. The result will be a harmonious flow between spaces, while still allowing each space to have its very own fun identity.


3. Showcase Focal Points

Does your open concept home have a particularly attractive feature or two? Take a large fireplace for instance, or a beautiful bay window! Let these focal points guide you, working your furniture and décor around those features that you love the most!


Focusing on focal points in open concept homes
an open concept home with an area rug

4. Anchor with Area Rugs

When there are no obvious divisions between rooms, area rugs can be used to create them. For instance, place an area rug where you’d like to have the dining room table, and then another where you’d like to have your sofa or sectional. Not only will it help ground the space visually, but it will also help define an area’s traffic flow.


5. Create Cozy Corners

With an open floor plan, you have the freedom to design distinct areas that serve specific purposes. Simply create a cozy corner with a reading nook or a study area! This is a great way to give your open-concept home a more intimate feel.


nook in an open concept home
plants in an open concept home

6. Add a Splash of Green

Houseplants and fresh cut flowers make an airy space feel more vibrant and lived in! From tree varieties to smaller houseplants, you can never go wrong with a little greenery to tie your space together!