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    Treat this Pre-Paid Visa* Card like cash.

    Today, over one thousand Ashley team members
    across the country are randomly handing out
    these $25 Pre Paid Visa * Cards

    Just because! There’s no catch

    You don’t need to be an Ashley customer
    and you don’t need to use this at one of
    our stores. Use this to treat yourself or
    pay it forward to someone else.

    Questions or concerns?
    Call (204)-515-7424

    *Trademark of Visa Int., used under license. This Card is issued by Citizens Bank of Canada, a subsidary of the Vancouver City Savings Credit Union. Marque de commerce de Visa Int., utilisée sous license. Cette carte est émise par la Banque Citizens du Canada, une filiale de la caisse populaire Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

    FAQ +

    Just like any credit card, we have no access to your card balance. It is important to keep track of your balance to tell the merchant how much to charge to your card to avoid a declined transaction. Your card has been loaded with $25 CDN.

    To make a purchase for more than $25 you will need to ask the merchant to charge $25 to your Prepaid Ashley Card first, then charge the balance of the transaction to another payment method. Not all merchants support split transactions, so please ask in advance.

    At restaurants or other service businesses with tipping, the merchant's pre-authorization system will check whether your card balance can cover the cost of the service + 15% for tips. If your card balance isn't enough the transaction will be declined.

    Do not use your card when making reservations at hotels, mail orders, car rental agencies, cruise lines and other travel boking. Only present this card at final payment. Please note, any of these authorixations can place a hold on your card for up to 30 days which will present you from using it elsewhere.

    All pre-authorization amounts are deducted from your card immediately. If your transaction is cancelled it may take up to 7 days for the funds to be returned to your card.  

    Depending on what you purchased, you may want to keep your card for a period of time. Most merchants require the original payment method to process returns.

    IIf you are sure you are finished with the card and will not be considering a return or refund you can cut the card and dispose of it like any credit card

    Some terminals, including those found in parking lots or gas stations, or those services you pay by phone may not accept your prepaid card. At gas stations you may ned to pay inside with the merchant instead of at the pump.

    When shopping online you need to ensure your card is registered first. Online transactions validate your name and mailing address as well as other card details prior to letting the transaction go through.

    You can register your card at www.myrewardcard.ca

    If you need support for your prepaid card, please call 1.866.298.2854. Ashley HomeStore and our employees do not have access to your card records, activation status or balance.

    The card does not expire. However, given the value of the card we encourage you to use it as soon as possible so you do not lose the value. The card cannot beloaded.  

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