If you’re suffering from restless nights or torturing your partner with snores, a lifestyle adjustable base might just be what the doctor ordered! An adjustable base is no longer just for hospital beds, as it is shown to not only improve your health but also your overall sleep lifestyle. Let’s talk about the top 6 benefits!

  1. 1. Reduces Back Pain

Lying flat while you sleep doesn’t always give you the support you need, especially if you’re suffering from dreaded back pain. Adjusting the mattress to match the natural curvature of your body does wonders for both your neck and spine. The “zero gravity” position, in which the head is raised slightly and the feet are above the heart, alleviates pressure on the spine, as well as reduces neck strain during the night.

  1. 2. Enhances Circulation

Poor circulation may lead to swelling in the legs and feet, especially if you are pregnant or suffering from an illness. Lying flat causes fluids to pool, increasing uncomfortable swelling and inflammation. By fine-tuning your sleeping position and elevating your legs above your heart, you can allow for better blood flow throughout your body.

  1. 3. Lessens Acid Reflux

Even those who are not going to bed on a full stomach may still be plagued with acid reflux and heartburn. When lying flat on your back, it creates an easy path for stomach acids to move up to the esophagus. Raising the head at a slight incline helps to keep stomach acids in place, leading to better digestion.  

  1. 4. Improves Chronic Sleep Issues

Health concerns such as sleep apnea, asthma and snoring all relate to the simple act of breathing throughout the night. By elevating your head, weight is taken off the windpipe for better flow of oxygen while sleeping.

  1. 5. Furthers Independence

Whether age, a disability, illness or accident, mobility may be reduced. An adjustable base is perfect for furthering independence, assisting with getting in and out of bed more easily. By simply raising the head of the base, it can help lift you off the mattress or get you back into bed with ease.

  1. 6. Improves Comfort

In addition to health benefits, a power base also makes spending time in your bed more comfortable. If you enjoy watching tv, reading, or brunching in bed. it eliminates the hassle of propping yourself up with pillows. An adjustable base allows you to customize your position, eliminating an uncomfortable strain on your back and arms.

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