Thanksgiving Edition: Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

One of the biggest feasts is right around the corner, and with that comes the daunting task of hosting a successful Thanksgiving! Take the difficulty out of your hosting experience by preparing your home in advance. This will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal with the ones you love the most.

  1. 1. Clean the Kitchen

If you’re low on space, your kitchen might begin to feel even smaller once you start preparing a multitude of dishes. To maximize your counter space, spend some time removing and storing small appliances, cookbook collections, and decorative items. Also, it's important to make room in your refrigerator for extra ingredients and leftovers!

  1. 2. Create Your Serving Space

Let’s face it, dishing out a full course meal is stressful during any occasion! The passing of multiple dishes around a table can be difficult, especially if the food is hot, and you have many mouths to feed. By setting up a buffet in the kitchen or on a side table, guests can serve themselves without disrupting the whole formal dining table. Plus, you have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing.

3. Clear the Clutter

If your dining room wears many hats as a multi-functional space, now is the time to relieve it of its additional duties! The “less is more” approach will make your dining room appear more spacious, especially if you’re a little short on square footage. Removing anything that isn't a dining room essential will ensure your space remains comfortable and clutter free.

4. Bench It

If you’re accommodating a few additional guests this year, consider adding a bench along one side of the dining table instead of extra chairs. It’s a family holiday after all, so getting a little close isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

5. Places to Perch

If you don’t have a great deal of formal seating for socializing throughout the evening, get creative! Stash a few pillows for guests to sit comfortably on the floor, and rearrange the ottoman, poufs and stools. As long as you ensure seating doesn’t affect traffic flow in the room, anything is fair game!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Ashley HomeStore!