Suite Dreams of 2018

Updating your home throughout the years is important, especially your bedroom because it serves as a principal room. A bedroom should be the perfect retreat to unwind and get a good night’s sleep, and a little revamp can do wonders in creating your haven of relaxation. Here are 4 bedroom design styles that will provide you with suite dreams in 2018:

Romantic Vibes 

Romance is in the air when it comes to bedroom design, especially with a four-poster, canopy style bed. The difference in today’s rendition is that it is clean and simple, unlike the ornate styles of the past. You’ll be sure to fall in love with your bedroom all over again. 


Shades of Grey

This style is proof that greys are never boring in the bedroom. In fact, grey is often associated with sophistication and glamour, especially when paired with the shimmering richness of reflective silver. By simply using multiple shades of grey paired with white, a restful but yet interesting space is created.



Rustic Meets Contemporary

When updating your space to a more modern look, remember that it doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting. Take the rustic character of reclaimed wood and add it to a bedroom with contemporary elements such as metal and bronze. The result is warm and peaceful, with an updated feel.


Industrial Chic

The urban industrial style is still going strong, with its raw feel and subtle hint of refinement. Clean-lined pieces will add sophistication to your bedroom, but be sure to introduce them in wood that has some character. Heavy brown tones and metallic accents will finish off your space with a fresh look.