Sofa Types 101

Whether you call it a sofa or a couch, this piece of furniture is often the focal point of your room, setting the overall style and tone. Understanding the characteristics of the many sofa types is a great way to ensure you choose the best option for your home’s needs. We’ve put together a simple guide to help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect piece.

The traditional three-seater still comes out on top in the modern home, often seen in many family spaces such as the living room, family room, man-cave or even the basement rec room. The most common sofa styles are classified by contemporary, transitional or classic design elements, each with plenty of colour and fabric options to consider. You can even choose from manual or power reclining options to customize your comfort.

BEST USES: They’re an excellent choice for basic seating, pairing perfectly with your favourite coffee & end tables. With the ability to be arranged in a multitude of ways, you can place a sofa in front of the television for movie nights or group a sofa and loveseat pair across from each other to encourage conversation.

Otherwise known as the sofa sectional, this type of multi-piece seating looks a lot like a traditional sofa with one key addition: a chaise cushion. The chaise is typically at one end, often with the choice of it being at either the left or right-hand side, forming an “L” shape. With many pieces allowing for customizable configuration, you can ensure your seating suits the layout of your space.

BEST USES: Considering most people spend time in their living space to sit back and relax, the sofa chaise provides seating and a comfortable place to put up your feet and lounge. This offers extra comfort while watching tv, reading a book or napping. The chaise can even accommodate a guest for a short overnight stay.

Small but very stylish, the loveseat is our favourite “mini sofa,” designed to seat just two people. Most often seen as a matching set with a traditional sofa, loveseats provide just as much style and comfort, without compromising square footage.

BEST USES: Their compact size makes them a hit for small space living rooms in need of seating, or even an unusual spot in your home. An overly-spacious master bedroom can be made more luxurious with a loveseat, or it can be a great addition to a home office that doesn’t quite have enough room for a full sofa.

The corner chaise resembles a very long chair with one arm and a built-in footrest. They offer a luxurious variation to the traditional living room set up of a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman because of their eye-catching shape. With several sleek designs, the corner chaise makes the ideal piece for small spaces.

BEST USES: Since they are often long enough to support your whole body, the corner chaise allows you to lie down and relax, perfect for napping, reading or studying. Whether it be the living room, bedroom, home office or even entryway, they make a dramatic style statement while providing a comfortable place to rest. The best part is that a corner chaise doesn’t need many accents to pack a design punch. Pair it with a unique floor lamp, and you’re set!

Whether you call it a sofa sleeper, futon or sofa bed, this multifunctional piece provides seating and a pull-out mattress. With wide-ranging designs, sofa beds are as comfortable and stylish as a traditional three-seater with additional benefits. Their discreet design ensures the mattress is a hidden feature, so you never have to worry about sacrificing style over function.

BEST USES: This piece of furniture is a must-have if you like to host overnight guests but don’t have a guest room in your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, you can create a dual-purpose space that accommodates guests for overnight stays with a sofa bed but also enjoy a home office or art room.

Whatever type suits your needs, when you start with the right sofa – everything else seems to fall into place. Shop our selection of Living Room Furniture for a range of stylish and affordable designs!