Small Bedroom Design Tips

Have you ever wondered why the room that holds the largest piece of furniture (your bed) is often one of the tiniest? It may seem like your options for style are confined, but there is no reason why a small bedroom can’t be every bit as gorgeous as a much larger space. If you are ready to embrace your small space, keep reading to learn our 6 design tips for making the most out of it!

Go Neutral 

Create the illusion of a larger space but choosing soft and light colours for your overall design scheme. This does not mean you have to go stark white on everything, but instead look for soft tones of cream, ivory, or grey! Finish off with accents in your favourite bold colour to give your bedroom a dose of personality! 

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Hang Your Lighting

Swap out your bedside table lamps or floor lamp for a pair of pendant lights! For the most benefit when reading in bed, hang each fixture 20-30 inches above your nightstands. This lighting creates a focal point without taking up too much space or creating clutter.

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Trim with White 

If white walls just aren’t for you, compromise a little! Go ahead and paint your walls your favorite color and keep the trim white. This helps to create the appearance of extra depth, visually extending the space to make it look larger than it is. We love this combination of soft lavender with white trim!

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Cut the Clutter

Our bedrooms often reveal more about us than just our taste in bed linens! In fact, they offer evidence of our personality through our décor choices. It’s important to remember that when you’re low on space, take a step back and choose your must-have décor pieces wisely. The room doesn’t have to be sterile but an atmosphere that reflects as much calm and serenity as possible!

Go Vertical 

Consider a canopy bed to draw the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a high ceiling. Instead of noticing how small your bedroom is, the play on scale will shift focus to the volume and height of your ceilings. We are loving the look of a modern canopy bed, featuring a four-poster with a simple frame!

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Double-Duty Bed

Choose a bed with storage drawers built right into the base to serve double-duty! From sheets and duvets to clothes and shoes, you can tuck away almost anything out of sight! After all, your bed takes up the most amount of floor space, so it might as well provide you with a place to sleep AND a storage solution!

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