Shop Smarter, Not Harder: Dining Room

Finding the right dining room decor is important to any household, and we're here to field your most pressing dining room inquiries! From table size to table space, if you have questions, we have answers.

Q: What should I do if my dining space isn't very big?

Making a dining room out of your small space is not a simple task, but there are definitely a few tips and tricks to make the most of your space! For one, round tables with fold-down sides make for an easy way to conserve space. Having the option to fold down the sides mean that you can push the table flush against the wall while still having the option to extend the edges if more space is needed. Another way to save on space is a Pub Set! Pub Sets combine the space-saving benefits of bar stools with an ergonomic design meant to take up as little space as possible.

Q: Round vs. Rectangular Tables?

It's a debate as old as time: round or rectangular? Round tables are perfect for small spaces due to the absence of corners, leaving more room to walk. As well, round tables are the perfect addition to any dinner party, get-together, or family event! With everyone seated relatively close together, you'll be within earshot of every person at the table. On the other hand, rectangular options offer more table space, providing enough room for both serving and dining. Additionally, rectangular dining spaces often work well in a more narrow room, leaving enough space to sit comfortably.

Q: What if I don't have a dedicated dining room?

If your kitchen is also your dining room, don't worry! There are plenty of options to turn your kitchen into the eating space you've always wanted. One way to do this is to invest in some comfy stools! With counter-height bar stools, you can comfortably eat at your kitchen counter or your island without having to squish a table into your space.

Centiar Bar Stool
Bellatier Bar Stool
Realyn Swivel Stool

Another option for an eat-in kitchens would an Island Set! Island Sets pair an island with a table, along with providing even more storage space, leaving you with a place to prep and a place to eat all in one!

Marsilona Kitchen Island Set

Q: What's the difference between wood and glass tabletops?

Wood tables offer a classic, tried and true feel that can't be replicated by any other surface. Along with durability, wood also offers a versatile array of options that can work in any space. On the other hand, glass tabletops can easily brighten up a room due to their reflective nature. Glass tabletops also bring a contemporary flair that make them perfect modern spaces. Both options are distinct, and neither will disappoint!

Q: What is the benefit of bench seating?

Bench seating is not a traditional dining option, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its upside! Benches are extremely versatile, with the potential to to fit three people where two chairs would have been otherwise. Perfect for children, kids can eat without drowning in the 'big kid' chairs! Additionally, benches can slide under the table after use, making for more available space after dinner. Without sacrificing style, benches can provide everything you want in a seating arrangement, and more!

Q: Is having a Server useful?

Yes, a server is an extremely useful addition to any dining room! The main purpose of a server is to serve food (it's in the name!), providing a space to serve up your ready-to-eat dishes. Additionally, servers also provide a useful spot to store your extra plates, bowls, cutlery, and kitchen utensils without taking up more space in your kitchen! Don't forget about the display space, where you can proudly present your best wine and favourite accessories.

All questions are good questions to ask, especially when it comes to shopping online! If you have more questions that we haven't answered in this blog, click the button below to connect to our Live Chat and a team member will answer as soon as possible.