Resolutions & Reminiscing: New Year's Family Time Capsule

The New Year is not only a time to create resolutions for the future but also a time to reminisce about the past. Celebrate New Year’s (Eve or Day) by making a family time capsule with the ones you love! No matter what age the kids are, the whole family can participate in building this special creation.

Your time capsule does not have to be fancy or store bought! An old shoe box will do the job perfectly, providing a great canvas for creativity. The kids can choose to draw or paint on it; whatever their heart’s desire!

Contents to include in your capsule:

♥ Recent pictures of each family member

♥ Current height and weight of each family member

♥ A list of each family member’s favourite things (food, sports, colours, songs, movies, books, tv shows, etc.)

♥ A list of memories and accomplishments over the past year

♥ Small keepsakes or mementos from the past year

♥ A list of resolutions, goals, and predictions for the coming year

Store your time capsule away and then open it with your family the following year. This activity can become a new-found tradition, with the ability to view your family’s growth and progress through the coming years!


From all of us at Ashley HomeStore, we would like to wish you a safe and Happy New Year!