Picks for your Favourite Fall Beverage

Fall is right around the corner, and that means our favourite fall beverages are coming back too! Read along with us as we outline our favourite pieces for you based on your favourite fall beverage. 'Tis the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Apple Cider, and new decor!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you can't wait for 'Pumpkin Spice Latte Season', join the club! Coming once every year, this beverage keeps it classic, packing a punch of fall flavours with traditional spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Also coming in hot with classic vibes and traditional twists, these picks are perfect for the PSL lovers out there:

Arroyo Chair


If the Pumpkin Spice Latte was a chair, this would be it. The Arroyo Chair keeps it to the basics, and it does it so well. With a warm caramel finish, this pick makes for a perfect spot to sip your P.S.L.


Jacinta Throw


Keeping you warm and comfortable, the Jacinta Throw will be the perfect complement to your P.S.L. With a cottonchenille weave and chic colour scheme, you'll be curled up in style.        


Donata Accent Mirror
Wesling Rectangle Cocktail Table
McKile Pillow

London Fog

Classy and contemporary, the London Fog is a simple yet stunning creation. Pairing flavours of vanilla with earl grey tea, this drink is a low-fuss option that never disappoints.

Also referred to as the 'Vancouver Fog', these stylish contemporary picks will have you on a 'Rocky Mountain High':

Parellen Dining


Enjoy your morning drink at the Parellen 5 Piece Counter Dining Set. With a clean grey colour palette, the Parellen perfectly embodies the no-fuss nature of the London Fog.                        


Duka Accent Mirror


Clean, cool, and collected, the Duka Accent Mirror serves its purpose just like the London Fog. Featuring simple lines and a sleek finish, this piece is the definition of contemporary design.        


Aldwin Upholstered Bench
Aniela Table Lamp
Urlander Round Lift Top Cocktail Table

Chai Latte

Bringing a wide array of worldly spices to the table, the Chai Latte does not skimp out on flavour. Balancing sweet with spicy, this beverage takes the term latte to another level.

Perfectly pairing with the Chai Latte, these picks follow an around-the-world theme, with a perfect mix of modern and traditional:

Fair Ridge Accent Cabinet


Featuring a distinctive inlay pattern, the Fair Ridge Accent Cabinet will stand out of the crowd. Well equipped with adjustable shelving, this piece brings a level of depth similar to that of the Chai Latte.                                                                    


Pollyanna Wall Art


Pairing perfectly with the diverse spices used in the Chai Latte, this piece will bring an international flair to your space. Featuring striking black frames and gallery wrapped canvases, the Pollyanna Wall Art marks the spot for world-class style.    


Gliona Rug
Glambrey 5 Piece Pub Set
Oakden Sculpture

Apple Cider

Keeping things classy, Apple Cider is the quintessential fall beverage for any occasion. Like a hug, Apple Cider will keep you warm through the fall and into the winter.

This elegant beverage provides a pop of fruity flavour, pairing perfectly with these picks:

Frankwell Bookcase


The Frankwell Bookcase is anything but boring! With a goldtone finished metal and gray tinted glass, this piece brings a splash of sophistication and elegance to any space. Apple Cider and a good book equals the perfect fall night.                                                                    


Jeanette 6 Piece Dining Room


Oh my elegance. The Jeanette 6 Piece Dining Room brings it's A-game, with a classy mid-century look sure to turn some heads. Pair that with it's comfortable seating and you have the full package.                                                  


Oristano Ottoman
Elissa Stool
Landers Pillow

From London Fogs to Chai Lattes, and from the Parellen Dining Set to the Fair Ridge Accent Cabinet, we want you prepared for fall! Like your favourite beverage, we want your space to be inviting for the upcoming season. Grab your favourite drink and sip in style today.