Outdoor Furniture Buying Tips

Outdoor furniture can transform a boring backyard into a unique outdoor oasis! Whether you are planning to host a string of outdoor dinner parties or seeking a spot to kick back and relax in the sun, ensure you take the time to plan out your space! Our buying tips will help you choose the best outdoor furniture for your needs.


Figure Out Function

Begin by thinking about how you would like your outdoor space to function, making a list of activities you would like to enjoy. Use this as a guide to determine what type of furniture is necessary. Are you going to entertain a large group? This will require you to have enough seating. Or if you are looking to nap and read, you’ll need a piece that reclines comfortably.

Measure Your Space

We can’t stress the importance of your trusty measuring tape enough! Just the same as planning an indoor room, measure how much space you are working with and the individual furniture you plan to purchase. With natural walking paths in mind, this will ensure you have ample room to move around, as well as to open and close nearby doors.


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Pay Attention to Materials

Once you know the function and size of your space, consider furniture materials. This will not only dictate the overall look of your space but also how well your furniture will perform against the elements. Take into consideration factors such as having an outdoor spaced versus having an overhead covering.

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Consider Storage

Even the toughest patio furniture will last longer if properly stored when it is not in use. If storage space is limited, consider purchasing a set that could be used indoors during the winter months, such as in a sunroom or basement. Today’s styles are so chic that lines are blurred between indoor and outdoor furniture!


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