Outdoor Dinner Party Done Right

Celebrate summer with mouth-watering foods, thirst-quenching drinks and good conversation! An outdoor dinner party makes for the greatest summertime memories! Follow our guide to create an outdoor atmosphere that you and your guests are sure to enjoy!

Light It Right


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create enchantment in your outdoor space. Start by including a few lanterns on your tablescape, while hanging string lights draped from tree limbs. This magical twinkling effect will offer a distinctive mood during your dinner party!


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Provide Plenty of Seating


When extra guests arrive, remain cool as a cucumber! You can accommodate everyone in your outdoor space by keeping stools or poufs nearby. If you’re serving a few cocktails, have an area designated to before and after dinner relaxation. Lounge chairs and sectionals become a perfect spot to sit and catch up during happy hour!


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Offer Shade Protection


Maintain a stylish look while offering your guests some relief from the heat and harmful UV rays! A cantilever style or auto tilt umbrella allows you to pivot the canopy as needed. For extra sparkle and shine, look for patio umbrellas with solar-powered LED lights!


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Keep Summer Pests Away


Don't let pesky pests ruin your party! Include decorative citronella candles with the rest of your lighting scheme, as well as keeping mosquito repellent handy for your guests. To prevent critters from coming around in the first place, remove any standing water before your party.