How to Tackle a Room Makeover

Spring is right around the corner, and that gives a great excuse to bring some much-needed change to your home! Whether you want to switch up the look of a room or improve the overall function, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some useful tips on how to begin a room makeover!

Measure Everything

Measure your space before you go shopping and be sure to include all entryways that lead up to the particular room. You may even want to lay out painter’s tape on the floor or sketch out a general plan so that you can visualize where your new furniture pieces will go. Bring all your measurements with you when you shop!



Ask yourself what your room is currently lacking and what would make it function better. Take this information into consideration when building your new space. It is important to envision how you see yourself and your family getting the most out of it, especially in the long term. If the room doesn’t function properly for all your needs, then it may overshadow the beauty.

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Get Inspired 

Once you have a sense of what function you want your new space to serve, the fun part starts! Take the time to browse design magazines and build Pinterest boards, then sit down and compare the images you have collected. What are the common denominators regarding colour, pattern, materials, and style? This will help you define the overall look you’re going for.


Talk About Your Feelings

Come up with a few adjectives that describe how you want to feel when you walk into your new space. You may want a room that feels light, bright and airy. Or a room that feels elegant, sophisticated and glam. Whatever it may be, commit to your chosen words and let nothing pass the door of the room that doesn’t contribute to that feeling.

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Pull Colours 

Start by pulling your new colour palette from an item you’re most in love with, whether it’s a rug or a piece of artwork. It’s important to keep in mind that neutral colours are always great for investment pieces, like the sofa or the dining room table. Bright and bold colours work well in accent pieces since they are easy to switch up in the future.


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