Your master bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you wake up to each morning, so why not transform it into a retreat you’ll love? To help create the perfect environment for relaxing and recharging, we’ve put together 5 simple design tips to follow!

  1. 1. Use a Calming Colour Palette

Save the statement walls for your living room and keep calm in the master bedroom! When it comes to the mood of your room, color can affect your ability to sleep. Lighter tones, pastels, or neutral shades help to promote rest and relaxation. A colour that is too bright or bold will stimulate your senses, creating a sense of alertness instead of a calming atmosphere.


2. Eliminate Clutter

A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind which is not conducive to a relaxing space! Falling asleep with piles of clothing on the floor is no way to end your day, so it’s important to have a plan in place to handle the clutter that arises during your busy schedule. Simply create a “catch-all” spot, keeping items you do not know where to put in a basket or storage bench. When you have the time, focus on these items and organize them!


3. Make a Focal Point

Your bed should take front and center stage, with plenty of style! Think beyond a basic headboard and choose a piece that reflects your personality and adds character to your bedroom. Even if your room is limited on square footage, you can create a masterpiece with a headboard that features height.


4. Banish the Electronics

Check your smartphones at the door! Your master bedroom is all about relaxing after a long day, not scrolling through social media! Electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs delay and disrupt restful sleep due to their release of electromagnetic energy. It’s best to keep these out of the bedroom, but if you must use your phone for an alarm clock, keep it 5-10 feet away from your bed.  


5. Take a Seat

Why not maximize style and functionality in your master bedroom? Simply incorporate a space in your master bedroom for an elegant chaise lounge or accent chair. This will instantly create a peaceful spot to unwind with a book or magazine at the end of your day.


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