Holiday Crafting: A Bright Idea

While store-bought ornaments are beautiful, the ones that are handcrafted have love and memories attached to them. Before you toss your burnt out light bulbs that are laying around your house, consider turning them into an ornament for your tree or to give as a gift! The possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only limitation! Check out this simple penguin design that is easy enough for the kids to assist with!

What You Will Need:

♥ Old light bulb

♥ Egg carton 

♥ Permanent marker

♥ Acrylic paint (black and white)

♥ Paintbrushes

♥ Hot glue gun or craft glue

♥ Ribbon

♥ 1 pair of googly eyes

♥ 1 sheet of orange craft foam

♥ 1 sheet of felt in a colour of choice

♥ Floss or ribbon to hang

♥ Scissors



1. Using a permanent marker, create a round circle for the white area of the penguin's belly. 

2. Paint the inside of the round circle with white acrylic paint, and the remainder of the light bulb with black. Use an old egg carton to stand up your bulb for easy painting and drying. 

3. Once completely dry, glue 1 pair of googly eyes with the hot glue gun or craft glue. Remember to work safely with the glue gun by keeping it out of small children’s reach.

4. For the beak, cut two small triangles with rounded edges out of the orange craft foam and glue onto the bulb. To give this little penguin some feet, cut two small shapes and glue. Each shape should have 3 triangles to resemble webbed feet!

5. Now it’s time to dress up your penguin! Tie a small ribbon of choice and glue onto the bulb. Add a pom pom or sequins; it’s totally up to you!

6. Measure, wrap and glue a large enough piece of felt around the metal end of the bulb for the penguin’s hat. Bunch up the top portion and tie with a small strip of felt. Finish off with cutting the top portion into small strips, giving the hat some tassels! 

7. Tie a piece of ribbon or floss and glue to the metal end of the bulb, inside your penguin’s hat! 

Now there is one less light bulb to throw away! You can hang this cute creation on the tree and admire for years to come! Happy Holidays from Ashley HomeStore!