Egg-citing & Extra Special Easter Eggs

Easter is fast approaching, so it’s time to gather the family and participate in a spring celebration! Here is a simple project that turns dyed, hard-boiled eggs into something egg-citing and extra special! Plus, you and the kids can get a little silly and creative!




 Dyed Easter eggs in various colours


 Permanent markers


 Craft foam


❤ Miniature pom-poms

Pipe Cleaners


Double-sided tape


Cool temp glue gun & glue sticks



In need of an easy recipe to create beautiful and colourful Easter eggs? Try this!



1. Before you start, ensure your eggs have completely dried after colouring. Grab the permanent marker and let your creativity flourish by drawing cute and silly faces!

2. For the party hats, fold a triangle of craft foam into a cone and secure the edges with double-sided tape. Glue a pom-pom of choice onto the tip of the hat. Secure your party hat on top of the egg with the glue gun.

3. For the ears, simply cut 2-inch ovals out of craft foam and hot glue onto the egg.

4. To display, set your creations on pipe cleaners that have been coiled. You may also find a home for them in your favourite pots or baskets!


    Happy Easter from Ashley HomeStore!