DIY Terrarium with Succulents

Can’t wait to start exercising your green thumb? A DIY terrarium is just what you need to kick-start the spring gardening season indoors! It’s simply a collection of small, decorative plants growing inside a pretty glass container! You can create something truly one of a kind, and long-term maintenance is a breeze!




• Glass container of choice (open or closed)


• Pebbles 


• Activated charcoal 

• Succulent potting soil mix 


• Variety of small, slow-growing succulents 


• Preserved moss 




1. Begin by creating a base layer of pebbles to provide drainage for the plants.


2. Fill the next layer with activated charcoal. This will help to maintain the soil’s freshness, eliminate odours, remove toxins, and prevent the growth of bacteria.


3. Top up the charcoal with a layer of soil that extends halfway up your container. 


4. Arrange the succulents in the container by starting with the largest plants first, filling in the gaps with smaller plants. Remember to leave ample room for growth! 


5. Once you have arranged your plants, top the soil with moss for a finished look! 


Remember to keep in mind that sunlight and water are essential to the success of your terrarium! Be sure to lightly water the base every two weeks or once the soil looks like it has dried out. Display your terrarium in an area that receives lots of indirect light! Enjoy your one of a kind mini-garden!