DIY: Succulent Mason Jar Terrariums

Are you crazy for cacti or swooning over succulents? Indoor plants have a way of bringing both colour and life into your space. Better yet, mason jar terrariums complement your modern farmhouse style, and you can create them in 5 easy steps!

What You'll Need:

Mason jars in various sizes

Cactus or succulent potting mix

Plants in any shape, size or colour you desire


Small rocks or pebbles

Twine and or/ burlap


  1. 1. Place a handful of small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the jar, followed by potting soil. Leave the soil at the top packed less densely, as you will be adding plants and re-positioning some of the soil.


  1. 2. Position the largest plant in the middle of the jar as a focal point, lightly packed with soil.
  1. 3. Follow with carefully positioning the smaller plants around the larger plant in the mason jar.


  1. 4. Use moss to fill in any space that is not taken up by plants.


  1. 5. Add a finishing touch by tying some twine and burlap around the jar.

Modern farmhouse style is all about creating a tranquil environment, enjoying simpler times with hints of nature. These drought-tolerant beauties make a great addition to a rustic end table or bookcase, with minimal maintenance!

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