DIY Macramé Plant Hangers

If you grew up in the 1970’s, you most likely witnessed gloomy wood-paneled rooms and shag carpet covered in Kool-Aid-like hues. While these trends we are happy to see gone, elements of this decade continue to make a huge comeback in modern home fashion. We are pleased to report that macramé plant hangers are one of those trends! They bring an accent of 70’s nostalgia to a fresh, contemporary interior, adding both texture and shape! Make your very own in 7 easy steps!




• Rope or cotton twine


• 6″ glass bowl or planter


• Artificial or live greenery/plants


• 70 ounces of sand or potting soil


• Scissors


• Ruler


• Ceiling hook



1. Cut the rope into four equal pieces that are 65” each in length.

2. Hold all the ropes together and fold in half.

3. A few inches below the fold, tie a knot and pull tight.

4. Hang the rope on a doorknob or have a friend hold the knot.


5. Take two pieces of rope and tie a knot, repeating until you have a total of four. Make sure all the knots line up and aren’t too close to the main one at the top.


6. Now take a piece of rope below one knot and tie it to an adjacent piece from another knot so that “V” shapes are formed. Repeat until you have a total of four knots.

7. Test out your bowl or pot to make sure it will fit nice and snug into the macramé planter. Once you know it fits, add one final knot at the bottom, and you’re done! Use the ceiling hook to hang your fabulous new piece!

A macramé planter makes a great addition to your living space when you start to run out of shelf or floor space for your greenery! As the plant grows, it will cascade beautifully over the hanger, creating even more interest!