DIY Crepe Paper Carrots

Give your loved ones the gift of surprise this Easter! These adorable little bundles unravel to reveal sweet treats or little treasures inside! Learn how to make these DIY Crepe Paper Carrots in 7 easy steps! They make a unique addition to your Easter baskets!



 Crepe paper in orange and green


 Double-sided tape

 Ribbon or twine of choice

 Assorted small gifts or sweet treats



1. Cut a 10” x 10” square of orange crepe paper and an 8.5” x 11” rectangle of green. 

2. Fold the orange paper into a cone and secure corner with double-sided tape.

3. Fill your cone with assorted small gifts or sweet treats of any kind! Twist the top portion of the cone to close.

4. Fold green rectangle in half and cut to resemble a fringe.

5. Twist the tops of the fringe.

6. Wrap the fringe around the top of your carrot, securing with a ribbon or twine of choice!

7. Your surprise bundles are ready to be placed in your Easter baskets!

Happy Easter from Ashley HomeStore!